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Yacht Club Web Application

Make it easy to manage a Yacht Club with all members, boats and berths, and at the same time, make it real easy to be a member.


To use this application and become a member, you must first Register an account, and then apply for membership of a Yatch Club. When you register and your yacht club is not present, select New and leave a comment with the full name, abbreviated name and the location of your Yacht Club. It is important that you then fill out your membership application as thoroughly as possible, otherwise your application may be rejected and no Yacht Club created. When your membership application is approved, the requested Yacht Club will be created, and you will then become a Member and Administrator of this new Yacht Club.


When you are a member of a Yacht Club, you have control over all your data, such as your own boats and everything that is associated with your membership of a Yacht Club. You can participate in all yacht club activities and projects, reserve guard passes, apply for boat hauling and launching. You can also apply for a berth rental and much more.

To try it out, press on Login then press "Use Demo".


As a Yatch Club Administrator, you have full controll over the Yatch Club you are a member of. With this web application you can then handle all things regarding members and their boats, all their duties, all berths, guard planning, boat recovery and launching, and everything else associated with all the activities of a Yacht Club.

To try it out, press on Login then press "Use Demo".

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