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To start using the Yacht Club Web Application, you must agree to the Terms Of Usage and Privacy Policy, and this is done explicitly in the process of registering an user account. If you discover that your Yacht Club are missing during register, select New and leave a comment, with full name, abbreviated name and location of your Yacht Club. After you have registered an account, you will receive an confirmation E-mail that contains an link to your Membership Application. It is really important that you use this link and complete the Membership Application as thoroughly as possible.

You can first try it out, press on Login then press "Use Demo".


After that your Membership Application has been approved, your requested Yacht Club will be created, and you will then become a Member and an Administrator of your new Yacht Club. Now all other members can register their own accounts and you can Approve their Membership Applications and setup your newly created Yacht Club. This process is the same as it was for you. They will get an E-mail containing an link to the Membership Application. Then it is up to you to decide who will get a membership. From now on you handle everything as an Administrator.
So go ahead, and register now!
When you are a member of your Yacht Club, you have full control over all your personal data, your own boats data and everything associated with your membership. You can participate in activities and projects, reserve guard passes, apply for boat hauling/launching, and for berth rental.


As a Yacht Club Administrator, you have full control over the Yacht Club and all members. You decide who will do what. You can handle all Member applications, such as Boat Hauling/Launching and so on. With this web application you can also handle all others things regarding members, all member duties, all berths, berth rental, guard planning. You will also be the one that will be contacted when we need to inform on matters regarding the yacht club, for example the payment of the license fee. If not payed in time, we will set the yacht club in an limited grace period, before the functions will be cut off, as stated in the Terms Of Usage. So it is really important to keep all your personal data correct, such as E-mail addresses. And of course, there can be more than one Administrator, so you can share the workload.


The board members are usually assigned the Administrator role in the application, and therefore being able to manage all aspects of the Yacht Club. They have full control over the Yacht Club. There can also be honorable members in the club, who has done outstanding work for the yacht club. They can be exempted from ordinary duties.


All member boats are registered in the database, along with the member, and each member is responsible for updating all the data on every boat he or she owns. Members can then apply for hauling and launching on all their boats, and choose when they like to haul and launch their boats. Members create different applications, that later used together with the members boat data, to plan all the hauling/launching activities.


All berths and moorings are also registered in the database. Here we can keep track of the types of moorings, when it was last serviced, boat sizes it can handle and so on. Here you also manages the berth rentals, which member and corresponding boat, that are allocated to a specific berth or mooring. And you can of course copy last years berth rental plan, to the current year's' rental plan, to simplify the planning.

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