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This application started as an hobby project for a Boat Club, I joined in early 2000 in Vaxholm, Stockholm area. We managed during a 2 years period to implement all the functionality in ASP.NET Legacy and store all data in a Access database. That database were kept on a local ISP, and all code were written by me and one board member. This technology are now unsupported on must ISP's platforms, so there were no other solution than to transfer it to some new technology, mainly Microsoft Asp.Dot.Net Core web application.


So the work began around 2010 to transfer all the functionality to Microsoft's' MVC and ASP.NET. And today it is hosted on my server in my own office. This webb application is developed in Visual Studio, a development IDE from Microsoft. To learn more about this tool, click the link.

This application uses SQL Server, JavaScript and ASP.NET Core MVC, technologies supported and developed by Microsoft. It also uses bootstrap to adapt and be more responsive to mobile plattforms, with a clear theme that makes the site easy to read.


It is going to be mainly financed by adverts. Yacht Clubs are going to be charged on yearly basis, in the form of a license fee for using the application. Some possibilities are going to be develop to personalize the look and feel somehow. It was designed and constructed with all specific demands and needs in mind, for a boat club with approx 500 members, and at least as many boats and berths. This was in close cooperation with all board members of the boat club I was a member of, and that had specific duties to fulfill. This web site is managed by the staff at

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